When I think of stressed out Michigan cities, I wouldn't think of this one, but then again, stress is something we all feel from time to time. 

Maybe it's all those college kids partying all the time.

Maybe it's the fact that crossing Lake Michigan Drive by foot is a death wish.

Maybe it's all the people who keep moving out there.

But according to Zippia, Allendale is stressed out. In fact, it's the most stressed town in Michigan.

Zippia likes analyze online information to come to their conclusions, as opposed to coming here and seeing for themselves. I mean, I would think Flint is a pretty stressful place to live, what with the drinking water being nasty, but what do I know?

Zippia based the pick on five factors:  Unemployment, average hours worked, commute times, income-to-home-price ratio, and the percent of the population that doesn't have insurance (which leads us back to those darn college kids again. WAIT! Aren't they covered by their parents policies still?)

I'm pretty sure some legal recreational marijuana could have chilled everyone in Allendale out, but the Township Board opted out. What a pity.

So relax and take a deep breath, Allendale, everything's gonna be okay. I think.

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