Michigan's Unemployment system is not just a problem, its a disaster.

I was reading the stories of people interviewed by WOOD, and just couldn't believe what I was seeing. People making thousands of calls to never get an answer or just getting hung up on.

I get that the state's unemployment system has been hit with an usual amount of people filing claims who have been laid off or flat our lost their jobs due to the pandemic. On the other hand, we all knew this was coming, so why hasn't the state done more to fix this problem?

There is always some sort of unemployment in Michigan and I am sure there are average numbers of people who need to make claims so there is definitely some math on how many workers you need for "x" amount of people filing. With over one million people in Michigan filing for unemployment, that should have been enough for the state to step up and really increase the number of workers based on the number of claims. Heck, this could have even created some jobs for those in need.

This idea of sitting and waiting things out instead of acting, even anticipating the needs of the state is inexcusable. The people running the state, no matter their party, its their damn job to be looking forward and anticipating the needs of the people instead waiting until its a disaster then barely doing anything to get the program right.

No one should have to call the unemployment office nearly 1,000 times per day or spend four or five days trying to reach someone on the phone.

The online version of the unemployment office MiWAM, should be looked at with better instructions on how to use the site. If you make one tiny mistake online, you are then stuck trying to get someone on the phone and that may take days to get in.

Like any other business, when the demand is high, you expand, not just try and get by as cheaply as you possibly can.

Come on state of Michigan leaders, how about stepping up and really leading when people who voted for you really need you the most.


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