Miley Cyrus inducted Joan Jett and the Blackhearts into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tonight. The pop star came onstage and started talking about the "first time [she] wanted to have sex with [Jett]."

Cyrus' expletive-peppered speech steered from her first meeting with Jett (it involved pot) to politics to the major inspiration Jett has had on her life.

The Blackhearts took to the podium first, with late drummer Lee Crystal's widow going first, asking, "Don't you just love rock 'n' roll?" Producer Kenny Laguna was also onstage. Jett's own eloquent speech, which begins roughly 14 minutes into the above video, started with her thanking Cyrus and her "beautiful soul," and complimented on her being such a "strong woman" (something Jett knows a lot about).

"I was really going to try not to cry and be tough," she said. "Hey, Mom and Dad, did you ever think that Christmas guitar would lead to this? I come from a place where rock 'n' roll means something. it means more than music, more than fashion, more than the pose. Rock 'n' roll is an idea and an ideal. Sometimes, because we love the music and we make the music, we forget the political impact it has around the world."

Jett also thanked a long list of artists along the way, including Nirvana, Fugazi, X and Green Day, who are also being inducted tonight, as well as her late mentor Kim Fowley and the Runaways. "If we did nothing else but write 'Cherry Bomb,' it would have been great," she said. "But we made some history."

Jett was the first artist to be inducted into the Rock Hall tonight. Prior to her induction, she performed a trio of her hits -- "Bad Reputation," "Cherry Bomb" and "Crimson and Clover" -- with Cyrus, Dave Grohl and original "Crimson and Clover" singer Tommy James.

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