Millions of dollars have been spent on attorneys surrounding the Flint Water Crisis, and now Michigan is starting over.

The announcement came Thursday afternoon that the state would be dropping charges without prejudice. That means that Michigan can take the case up again, but what about all of the time and money put into the criminal cases so far?

Let's also not forget the fact that it's been five years and nobody is being held responsible for the Flint Water Crisis.

When the announcement was made Michigan let out a collective groan.

How? How could we spend millions of dollars both prosecuting and defending the people involved and this be the result? HOW SWAY?! Mlive did a report showing that we've spent more than $30 Million on attorneys alone!

One of the people at the front of the Flint Water Crisis is Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha. She helped people realize that the crisis was real, and has been instrumental in the recovery process. Her tweet following the announcement is as spot on as any I've seen.

Officials have been urging the public that this is not the end, but a restart to make sure it's done right this time.

This time?! 

I understand that there are so many complexities to this case that we may never know, but I think the state owes more of an explanation than what's been given so far.

There are plans to have a community conversation in Flint on June 28th. The Michigan Attorney General will be there, and hopefully she will bring some answers. There is no location set yet, but is coming in the next day or two.


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