These days, a house selling for less than $200,000 feels like a steal. And, if you love minimalist living, this cozy cabin in Marshall could be perfect for you.

This home was recently listed on Facebook marketplace by the seller. A few things about this home...

  • the cabin is 8x20
  • it comes with an 8x10 loft
  • only the house, porch, and shed are for sale. The property on which it sits is not. I'll let you sort that out with the owner

The listing does say that the home is turn-key with a water hook-up and power, too. Take a look:

Cozy Cabin in Marshall Will Have You Living a Minimalistic Life

Currently, it's listed for $35,000 on Facebook Marketplace

Gallery Credit: Facebook Marketplace

If, after seeing this, you're yearning for a simple life away from the noise and busyness of people (and who could blame you), you can contact the seller here.

On the other side of things, this extravagant home was on the market last year. Let's just better like the way you look if you plan on living here:

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