Roscommon County Sheriff's Office via WZZM-13
Roscommon County Sheriff's Office via WZZM-13

During a snowstorm Wednesday in northern Michigan, a motorist and his family in their minivan was having trouble seeing and they rear-ended a semi truck on the Interstate 75 near Grayling.

But their problems were just beginning.

Instead of pulling over, the family in the van traveled on for another 16 miles because their van was stuck to the back of the semi!

They hit the semi so hard that the front end of the van became impaled on the back of the truck, WZZM-13 reported.

The driver of the truck says he never saw or felt a thing, WZZM-13 reported. After a call to 911 from one of the passengers in the van, sheriff's deputies from Roscommon and Crawford counties were able to determine the location of the semi and officers pulled it over near Grayling.

No one was injured in the accident, authorities said.

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