In America, we will literally measure anything in ANYTHING but the metric system. We measured the Chinese spy balloon in busses, we measure distances by football fields, and guess the size of hail stones by coins and different types of balls - golf, tennis, baseball, softball, etc.

But this one is new to me, MLive's Mark Torregrossa (who is an excellent weather reporter, btw), just compared this winter storm to "2 Pans of Brownies," and I have questions.

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First, we need to talk about the storm, which has put most of Michigan in a Winter Weather Advisory. South of I-69, we're expected to get a mix of snow, ice, freezing rain, and sleet. North of I-69 will be mostly snow - up to 4 inches. Mark covers that pretty well.

So, I guess I get where he's coming from on this being two different types of winter storms... but to compare them to brownies? Maybe he can explain it better:

"This is where I figure it's like brownies. You have a party and two people bring brownies. One pan of brownies is poofy and airy. The brownies come up to the top of the pan. They are good. The next pan has really gooey brownies, and are only half the thickness of the other pan. It's just really thick and gooey. Oh, and those brownies may have a gooey frosting on them too. In the end, each pan of brownies has one box of brownie mix in it."

... um..... ok....

"That's what this weather system is like. Northern areas will get the 'poofy brownies' type snow. Southern areas will get the 'gooey brownies' type weather. IN the end we will all have slick roads."

So... the Brownies are snow, and the icing makes the roads slick?

I guess that makes sense. Personally, I'm a gooey brownie fan myself, but that leads me to my next question... WHY are we comparing a winter storm to something that is SOOO GOOD?

Winter Storm = Bad.
Brownies (Poofy AND Gooey) = Good.

The only way I can figure he meant for the brownies to be bad is if they had Walnuts in them, because people who still do that need to be put on a watch list of some kind.

Nonetheless, he says we have a gnarly winter storm brewing, and now I want brownies. Thanks Mark!

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