Moderna has now joined with Pfizer in having a kid size vaccine dose made for kids 6 to 11.

Having a young son who is not vaccinated yet still has me worried since he is back in school and cold season is upon us. Like with Pfizer, I am also relieved that now Moderna also has their vaccine for kids ready also.

Right now the Pfizer vaccine for kids data is being looked at by the Food and Drug Administration but Moderna is next up to present their data on their lower dose vaccine for kids.

Pfizer hopes to have approval of their vaccine for kids by early November so many kids could be getting vaccinated before the end of the year. Pfizer's vaccine for young adults has already been approved, while Modern still awaits approval of their young adult and kid vaccines.

According to WOOD, researchers tested 2 shots for 6 to 11-year-olds, given a month a part, just like the adult version, but the version for kids was half the dose that was given to adults. The good news from the research shows that vaccinated children developed antibodies right out of the gate.

Nearly 5000 children 6 to 11 were a part of the study with similar results to when they were testing adults. Kids who received the Moderna vaccine had temporary side effects like fatigue, headache, fever and sore where the injection went in on the arm.

Right now Moderna is awaiting the approval of their vaccine for young adults while they are in the beginning stages of getting their kids vaccine approved by the FDA.

It will be a longer wait for the Moderna vaccine to get approval but at least we are moving in the right direction in getting gets protected. When the kids are protected, it will be better for teachers, their family members and especially older family members like grand parents from continuing to spread COVID-19.

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