In preparation for the release of 'Monty Python Sings (Again),' the Python troupe gave some unsuspecting Britons an early listen to a new song. Not knowing exactly who was responsible for the sounds foisted upon their ears, different people responded in different ways. Most of the clueless listeners did find the song's title, 'Lousy Song,' appropriate, though.

The track is a cheesey swinging lounge tune, which might be bad enough on its own. But the song also features Eric Idle and the late Graham Chapman arguing over the music's artistic merits. Their squabbling is actually louder and clearer than the music.

No one who listened to it thought that it was great. Several, in fact, refused to listen to the entire song. One fellow, who tried to be nice despite the aural abuse, offered his critique: "To be honest, yeah, I don't think anyone's going to listen to this."

The new album is a reissue of the band's collection of songs from 1989 titled, of course, 'Monty Python Sings.' The reissue includes six new tracks, including 'Lousy Song,' which the group's YouTube site says they recorded for 'Monty Python's Contractually Obligated Album,' but didn't use. The remaining members are reuniting this summer for a handful of live performances in London, their first in 40 years.

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