The baseball season is quickly coming to an end. The Tigers are right in the thick of the AL Central playoff race. The Whitecaps, like most of minor league baseball, have been done for about a month now. But even though, the Caps and Fifth Third Ballpark keep getting great national press! Long live the Fifth Third Burger!

Even though the story is almost two months old, Fox News has listed the "Five minor league baseball parks you have to visit" and the Whitecaps and Fifth Third Ballpark are on the list! Best food at a ballpark. From the article...

"The roster may not carry much of a punch but the West Michigan Whitecaps serve up a major league munch. The Fifth Third Burger boasts a hunger-slugging line-up of five succulent burgers and enough chili to feed a little league team, all smothered in nacho cheese, chips, salsa and sour cream. The whole thing weighs in at five pounds and 4,800 calories but the good news is you'll win a t-shirt if you scoff the lot in one sitting. Alternatively, concession staff at this Detroit Tigers affiliate will carve it into slices to feed the whole family. "To call the Fifth Third Burger a hamburger would be an injustice," declares Sports Illustrated."

We know Fox News...we know. Good Job Caps!

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