Are you among the bad drivers of Grand Rapids? This week made me nervous because Mr. Roadside 616 was in my neighborhood.

Mr. Roadside 616 is back with another edition of Bad Drivers of grand Rapids.

This week's edition featured an intersection where people seem to always run the red light, Plainfield at Eleanor.

It seems the people on Plainfield feel so entitled that they feel they don't have to stop for the red there, like there's a law that allows blowing through a red if you feel the street is too insignificant to have a light. Nope, you still have to stop.

Another quick observation: Grand Rapids still seems to have trouble with traffic circles.

And this take from the reddit/grandrapids discussion:

(The) footage on US131 South Wealthy St exit lane is more due to poor engineering than bad drivers. It's a tricky intersection and that crumbling bridge just needs to be completely redone anyway (semis get stuck there DAILY because it's not wide enough for trucks to turn and the overpass). They have two sets of traffic lights there where the farthest east light turns green at the same time the exit traffic gets a green light.


What they need is an angled filter so the signal is only visible to the traffic directly below it, not the traffic waiting to continue east on Wealthy at their light. When people see a green light pointed at them that was just red, the natural inclination is to go, even though the one higher and closer to them is still red. I don't expect anyone except locals to realize that, and a hospital is a half mile up the road, so no surprise you run into people who fall into the trap.


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