A mother in Grand Rapids is now facing prison and loss of parental rights after treating the fussy child with an overdose of methadone.

According to WZZM, 37-year-old Jennifer Lynn Pickerd thought her daughter was suffering from withdrawal from breast feeding because she was so agitated the woman thought giving her a dose of methadone to do the fix.

The child suffered an overdose and had to be revived Narcan, a drug used to reverse an overdose.

Kent County Children's Protective Services are now taking care of the child.

Pickerd has been charged with second degree child abuse which comes with a 10 year felony.

Pickerd was already on probation for the theft of a cellphone from a local Denny's Restaurant and for not paying her food bill. Court records also show that she has been enrolled in a local methadone clinic.Records did not say why she was prescribed methadone.

Grand Rapids police were contacted September 30 about an infant that was having trouble breathing.

Pickerd have given the child 20 mg of methadone to help the child sleep.

Pickerd did admit to giving the baby methadone and for administering Narcan when she found the baby unresponsive.

The baby has since been released from the hospital after going through detox for methadone.

Pickerd is now residing in the Kent County Jail on a $25,000 bond.


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