Let me start by saying I distrust anyone who has given themselves a nickname, so 'Mr. Beach' is already suspicious.

But he did mention one of my favorite beaches to visit here in West Michigan, so I will grant him some slack to start.

A lot of the country is currently dealing with cold weather and many folks are probably dreaming of summer and going to the beach again. But picking the right beach is important when you go on a beach vacation. not all U.S. beaches are created equally. Wel, now a new report reveals the best ones out there.

Randall "Mr. Beach" Kaplanwho claims to be the world's foremost beach expert, has come out with his 2022 list of the Top 50 Beaches in the United States.

Kaplan is the CEO of the travel company Sandee, which is devoted to beach tourism, and his list is based on his comprehensive beach database, which consists of info on more than 80,000 beaches in 212 countries.

Mr. Beach selected the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, specifically the Platte River Beach, has one of the best beaches in the nation for this coming summer. it was the only freshwater beach to make the top ten, which as I've stated in the past is just flat out disrespectful.

Sandee rates the the Platte River beach 87/100, giving it points for being dog friendly and a great place to picnic, but warning visitors to bring their own food, as there are no vendors allowed.

Since I've been there before, I highly recommend renting a kayak up at the bridge on M-22 and paddling down through the dunes to the beach, where the river dumps out. it's breathtakingly beautiful.


Topping the list as the Best U.S. Beach for this year is South Beach in Miami, Florida, followed by Cannon Beach in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Mr. Beach’s Top 10 U.S. Beaches for 2022
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  1. South Beach (Miami Beach, Florida)
  2. Cannon Beach (Cannon Beach, Oregon)
  3. Venice Beach (Venice, California)
  4. Waikiki Beach (Oahu, Hawaii)
  5. Clearwater Beach (Clearwater, Florida)
  6. Pfeiffer Beach (Big Sur, California)
  7. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore (Empire, Michigan)
  8. Po'ipu Beach (Kauai, Hawaii)
  9. Hanalei Bay (Kauai, Hawaii)
  10. Gulf Shores Main Beach (Gulf Shores, Alabama)
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