We're all familiar with 'spring break', now Michigan State is adding a 'fall break', so you binge drink twice a year. Or vote, it's your call.

According to the Detroit News, the school is planning to implement the break, which would give students Monday November 3 and Tuesday November 4 (which is national Election Day) off.

Michigan State's Associated Students came up with the idea, which would allow students to head back to their hometowns to cast their votes.

“(Associated Students) has initiated conversations about how a fall break would be beneficial to students, and I think it sounds like a good idea," MUS President Joe Stanley told the News.

However, some people think the idea may have the opposite effect.

Sarah Reckhow, MSU associate political science professor, is worried a long weekend without classes could jeopardize the university’s success with student voter turnout on campus.

“We as a campus in the last two years have been mobilizing around voting on campus; encouraging students to register at their campus address,” Reckhow said. “It’s been effective.”

That's code for 'I know my students and if they go home they'll just get drunk!'

(Or maybe I'm projecting my college problems on to this story.)

At any rate, it's not official yet, but it looks like it will be a done deal soon.



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