Several residents of Muskegon are asking for a county commissioner to resign because of social media posts they claim are racist.

You would think an elected official would know better but some politicians feel they can just do whatever they want to whoever they want these days.

According to WOOD, commissioner Zach Lahring made a post on his Facebook page that shocked many in the Muskegon community when he took a shot at Black Lives Matter in what he thought was a funny bowling post. Here is the post he made below.

Now I try to give people the benefit of the doubt so I went to Lahrings Facebook page and was shocked at all the posts being made daily that are very inappropriate for anyone to make let alone an elected official. Click the link above and decide for yourself.

Lahring seems to walk a line or right up to it with his posts but if we all know what he means, does that mean he crossed it?

What was also very disturbing is how much time he spends on Facebook. How could an elected official who is supposed to be serving a community have all this time to find meme's and graphics to post on social media.

What is really disappointing is that there are people who are defending Lahring.

Muskegon is a very diverse community but Larhings social media seems to condemn a bulk of the county's residents.

WOOD reported regarding the bowling post Lahring made, one Muskegon resident Destinee Keener said, "it was that one that got me, it really got me. Because it's like you  know what you're doing and you know you can it, so you won't stop."

Targeting minority groups on Lahrings social media seems to be a theme and a waste of tax payer dollars to pay a person who should be working on community issues rather than spending all day offending his constituents.

Dalton Township Trustee Keery Knight defended Lahring by saying, "his humor is different...we live in America, people. We have the right to speak our mind."

Maybe the Muskegon community should take a look at Knight as well because I look at Lahrings Facebook page and couldn't find a way to defend him and was even more repulsed that he had Bible verses in the header of his page. How could a God fearing individual think its ok to belittle other races of people?

In Tuesdays commission meeting, after hearing comments from others, Lahring himself said, "no, I don't believe I posted any racist comments, so I think that they're a bunch of snowflakes. I think they are projecting their won racism onto my post and reading into it what they want."

When I look at his Facebook page, I thought why even go there on nearly every post. What a shame.

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