Not sure what makes this guy feel like dancing, but if you are in Muskegon, Michigan, anytime soon at the corner of Marquette Avenue and South Getty Street...lookout because this guy might just entertain you.

According to WZZM, 20-year-old Shairon Banks moved to a group home two years ago on the corner and he gets several honks from horns of vehicles passing by enjoying his moves and his singing.

Banks said, "I been dancing all of my life, I just started doing it to put smiles on everybody's faces."

Banks is also becoming somewhat of a local celebrity. Many people passing by take photos or videos of him dancing and post them on social media.

Banks also said, "A lot of people are my fans, I'm happy people like the way I do this."

So next time your in Muskegon at the corner of Marquette and S. Getty Street, weather permitting, you just may be entertained and even drive away with a smile on your face.


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