Maybe you saw Kiss, Aerosmith, Metallica, Ted Nugent, Ozzy Osbourne or Johnny Cash at Muskegon, Michigan's, LC Walker Arena back in the day, well the next time you see a show there the arena will have a new name.

According to WOOD, by the end of the year L. C. Walker Arena will be called the Mercy Health Arena.

Mercy Health have partnered with the city of Muskegon on a 15 year naming rights deal. This new partnership is supposed to help with the sustainability of the arena while widening the branding for the hospital system.

Over the years the city has spent millions on fixing up and maintaining the arena and now with Mercy Health involved this will help with the costs. The city recently replaced the roof, boiler system and upgraded the concession areas.

The arena originally got its name from Muskegon industrial and financial backer, Louis Carlisle Walker. The arena was built back in 1960 and it cost $1.5 million that came from Walker.

Many greats have played the arena and many more are to come. 100,000 people attend events at the arena each year.

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