This past weekend, JoJo and his friend Matt took me to Rockford. Matt, who is like the mayor of goodwill, wanted to introduce me to the town. He's very proud of the area. JoJo and I met up on New year's Eve. Matt was saying "Happy New Year" to every passer-by. He mostly received a return greeting. To those who grunted at him, he just smiled.

We made our first stop at the "grocery store". As we entered the Marathon gas station, I realized this was "the grocery store"...aka Party Store. I grabbed a fruit punch flavored BeatBox juice box. 11% alcohol! It was new years Eve after all. From there we walked to the Corner Bar. At the walk-up window, JoJo ordered a Chicago-style dog and a regular Chili dog. Matt ordered 2 regular chili dogs. As Jojo claims, they offer the best Chicago style hot dogs out of Chicago. I grabbed my hotdog and we headed to the river to eat. Yum! JoJo was correct! The Corner Bar does offer good dogs. And what a beautiful place to eat!


I went back to Rockford two days later. This time pizza was on the menu. I went to Marinades. I ordered a medium margarita pizza. I sat outside in "the hut". The hut was actually a bistro table with strips of visqueen hung between the tables. There was an oscillating space-heater placed right next to the table. The pizza was delish! Afterwards, I walked around and checked out the cute stores and shops!


Thanks Matt & JoJo for introducing me to Rockford. It's a sweet little village that is big on personality and taste! I'll be back soon for more.


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