Painty McPaint Face? How about Turf Bot Bob? The City of Grand Rapids is looking to name it's new turf painting robot. 

Reported by Fox 17, the turf tank is an autonomous, GPS-enabled robot designed to paint precise athletic field lines in less time and using less paint than traditional methods. The city expects that the Turf Tank will save the city close to $5,000 per year plus it will free up maintenance workers to focus on other tasks like cleaning restrooms and removing liter.

Photo by Ben Wiens on Unsplash
Photo by Ben Wiens on Unsplash

You can submit up to three family-friendly names until April 1. After all of the submissions have been received, the parks and recreation department will narrow down the field to the top 25. The public can then choose the turf robot's new name. The name with the most votes will be painted on the side of the bot.

The Grand Rapids Parks department maintains 30 acres of athletic fields, including baseball, softball, rugby, and soccer fields. Parks and Recreation Director David Marquardt said,

"The new Turf Tank has become something of a local celebrity in our department. We want residents to have some fun naming this innovative addition to our maintenance team that will soon be seen at our athletic fields.

You can submit your suggestion here.

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