You're probably thinking "where do I sign up?!" but before you get too excited, there is a catch... you have to stay laid up in bed for two months.

According to CNN, scientists from NASA and the European Space Agency are currently conducting studies to see how weightlessness affects the body when in space.

The reduced physical stress in space leads their muscles and bones to break down and body fluids to shift toward their head...

Gross. So the point of this study is to come up with ways to reduce weightlessness. That's where you come into play. The research project calls for healthy women, between 25-55, to participate. Each participant will be paid $18,522 at completion.

Two months may not seem like a big deal but that's 60 days! 60 days of being stuck in bed and not being able to go anywhere. What about eating? showering? number 2? Yup... all while you're laying in bed. Awful, right?! They do say that your bed will be at an incline, though which is supposed to help but seems like a puke factory to me.

What makes all of this even worse is that they're going to feed you a diet consisting of sweets and pancakes. When all is said and done expect a chunk of cash in your bank account and thighs. Granted it's a lot of money but being forced stay in bed for 60 days sounds like complete torture -- almost like a horror movie come to life. No thanks. I'd rather get fat by my own free will.

The sleep study will take place in Germany from September to December 2019.

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