Former Journey drummer Deen Castronovo said Neal Schon was planning a “Journey Through Time” tour during 2019, while Journey are on a year-long hiatus.

Schon retweeted a video report about Castronovo's statement, seemingly confirming the news by commenting that fans would get "the whole catalog with many surprises." He also separately tweeted that "next years Journey will be #TheJourney - I'll be playing music from EVERY album and mixing it up constantly."

Schon created the “Journey Through Time” show last year as a benefit concert for victims of California’s 2016 wildfires. The lineup included former Santana colleague Gregg Rolie (who Schon says will participate in next year's tour) as well as Castronovo, who’d been dismissed from Journey in 2015 as a result of addiction and legal issues.

The drummer called the reunion experience “incredible” on the Blaring Out With Eric Blair Show. “When [Schon] called me to do it, I was like, ‘Of course I will,’" he explained. "Now we’re talking about going out on the road next year doing it. Journey’s taking a year off, so Neal’s like, ‘Let’s go on the road with this band.’ … We’re going to do the older stuff, like the first four [Journey] records, and the stuff that Gregg Rolie and Steve Perry used to do. I’ll play drums and sing the stuff.”

You can watch the interview below.

He admitted he still missed being a member of Journey. “I miss the music," he said. "I miss my brothers, of course. The touring was amazing. … I’m just grateful to be back playing. I never thought I’d play again, so being back and playing again and in the trenches is a great thing. But I miss playing those songs. I will always miss it. It was a big, big opportunity for me.”

Reflecting on his 17 years with Journey, Castronovo said, “I learned how to play for the song and to play as a team and remember that the song is the most important thing. I got to work with Jonathan [Cain] and Neal, and it was like going home – I’ve known those guys since Bad English, since I was 23. … I’d pinch myself. There’d be times I’d be walking with my drum tech in an arena and I’d just stop and go, ‘Dude, I play for Journey!’ It was a cool thing and I’m very, very grateful that they gave me that opportunity.”

Now a member of the Dead Daisies, Castronovo reported that he was three years sober, and cited his faith in God and the support of his wife Deidre as his support network.

“I don't have the greatest mouth in the world — I can be a potty mouth — but you walk with love and respect and treat everybody with love and kindness,” he said. “Being in this industry, and being around the drugs and the alcohol that are prevalent, you've got to have something to hold onto. For me, that's a huge thing. I need that. I'm in my prayer closet doing my prayers ... because if I don't, I'm going to fall again. I'll fall right on my butt."

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