In Grand Rapids residents have 24 hours after a storm to clear their sidewalks. If it seems like your neighbors have taken too long to adhere to that rule, here's who to call.

It's kind of like the snow shoveling version of 'Ghostbusters'. If lack of shoveling is becoming a problem in your neighborhood and you don't mind being 'that guy', the new Grand Rapids city web site has a whole page devoted to the rule and others like it. Or you could just wait until it all melts tomorrow...

In the winter, residents have 24 hours to clear snow from sidewalks. Complaints regarding snow removal should be directed to the Engineering Department's Sidewalk Division by calling (616) 456-3243 or report a complaint online.

People who are elderly or disabled may receive snow removal assistance from the community service arm of the 61st District Court. To determine whether you qualify for snow removal assistance, contact your Neighborhood Association.

Stagnant water in alleys and dead trees on sidewalks or parkways are considered City responsibilities. Please notify Streets and Sanitation of either of these two problems by calling (616) 456-3200 or report a complaint online.

Property owners in the City of Grand Rapids are required to maintain yards and lots.  Tall grass/weeds, rubbish in piles or bags, dying trees, broken items discarded openly, and items of value stored on porches or in yards can lend an air of decay to our communities.  While most property owners willingly work to keep their properties neat and clean, some will need to be reminded that we all want our neighborhoods to reflect our pride in our city.  Contact the Code Compliance Division, (616) 456-3053, M-F, 8-11 a.m. or 1-3:30 p.m., if you see any of the above infractions.

In case you think I'm passively aggressively venting here, rest assured my neighborhood is cool, we all look out for each other. So butt out. Or buy the house down the street from me that's for sale.

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