This UPS driver had no idea what was waiting for him on his daily route.

On December 15, a Richmond, Virginia UPS driver by the name of Anthony Gaskin was just rolling along his normal delivery route when he realized hundreds of people were lining the street causing a commotion. Gaskin soon realized they were actually there for him—cheering and applauding his hard work and positivity during "the worst days of the pandemic."

One neighbor by the name of Patty Friedman told the local news that Gaskin was a bright light for many during some of the darkest moments in 2020.

Through COVID, Anthony has continued working, delivering packages at our doors, record numbers of them, over 180 times to date. I wanted to thank him personally for how much he helped me feel welcome when I moved in during a pandemic. It was terribly lonely and he was always the highlight of my day.

Not only were local neighbors holding up signs that displayed Gaskin's name with heartfelt messages and thank yous, but his supervisors from UPS were on hand to show him love for all of his contributions to the local community as well.

I can't imagine how he felt when he saw those bikes, cars, and residents lined up to cheer him on and thank him for his work, but you could tell he was overcome with emotion at the kind gesture.

It's truly incredible to see how someone who was just "doing his job" managed to affect his community in a way that brought them out in this fashion. Whoever the Anthony Gaskin is in your town, make sure he or she knows they are just as appreciated by showing them the love they deserve.

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