Neil Young stopped by The Colbert Report last night and outlined his reasons for disliking Donald Trump's politics — before debating a man dressed up as a genetically modified ear of corn.

Young, on hand to promote his new Earth LP, started his visit with a backstage interview segment touching on his battle with Trump over whether the GOP candidate could use "Rockin' in the Free World" at his campaign stops. "No, I didn't like that idea. Because of the misogyny and the racism," admitted Young. "Those two key facts are something you can't really ignore."

But as Young recently pointed out, anyone who obtains a license can use a recording — and even though Trump got the necessary clearance, he stopped using "Rockin' in the Free World" after Young expressed his displeasure, which counts for a lot with him. That said, he'd rather his songs not be used for any promotional purpose beyond his own, as well as the list of possibilities tossed out by Colbert, which included a cat food commercial, a dog food commercial or a late night talk show theme song.

Trump wasn't the only subject of discussion during Young's Colbert visit. The two also talked about Earth, and how Young feels about the way modern pop and rock records no longer have much time for love — at least, not the way they did during the '60s. "I don't know what happened," said Young. "But I think love is still there. Love is in the music. It's just a word that needs come around again, big time. ... I love love."

Quacking and honking in imitation of the natural sounds he included in the recordings featured on Earth, Young argued, "We're all here together, let's face it" and lambasted the "vanilla singers and corporate harmony" that dominate the mainstream musical landscape. In contrast, he offered up his own records — which, he reminded the audience, aren't on the major streaming services because they have something extra. "We play live music, and it has air and it has atmosphere ... We don't fit," he insisted. "Earth doesn't fit on the regular thing that everybody listens to today."

You can see video from Young's visit above and below.

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