The season opener for John Ball Zoo is this Saturday and there will be some new animals.

According to WOOD, don't let the cold keep you from the zoo because this time of the year the animals are actually more active and tend to play more outside in the snowy weather.

The zoo will open the gates at 10 a.m. Saturday and close at 4 p.m.

If you think it might be too cold, don't worry because you can always warm up when you stop in to watch the feeding of the penguin, pelican and spider monkey exhibits.

Some of the new animals guests will encounter will be the six banded armadillo, the giant Pacific octopus, the Toco Toucan, a red panda and a Observational Bee Hive that will have more than 2,000 bees.

The zoo will also be building a habitat for meerkats coming this spring. A mongoose maybe added to the enclosure later in the year.

Some other animals that arrive at the zoo later in 2019 are the Cape porcupine, giant anteater, hornbills, Geoffroy's spider monkey an lake sturgeon.

If parents have some little ones that like stories, the zoo will have story time for preschool aged kids in the Natural Treasures Amphitheater beginning March 12.

The gift shop have added some eco-friendly gifts including stuffed animal made from recycled plastic bottles. Plus there will a lot of items designed after many of the cats the zoo has like the Amur tiger.

Here is a link to John Ball Zoo with all the activities.


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