A new creation of Beer City USA is not only delicious, but it helps support a great cause, mental health.

The Mitten Brewing Co. and Trail Point Brewing are teaming up to produce "Things We Don't Say IPA". The new beer's proceeds will help fund no-cost mental health services for all Mitten Employees at The Well Being.

Mitten co-founder Chris Andrus told us about the partnership between the breweries and The Well Being:

It’s something we’ve always wanted to do for our team, but we weren’t exactly sure how to go about it, especially amid all the uncertainty of COVID. But COVID was also all the more reason to pursue it seriously.

When Gary Evans from Trail Point Brewing contacted us about collaborating on “Things We Don’t Say”—he knew that I had been open about my own mental health struggles in the past—I began to think that this could be the vehicle for it. We are fortunate to be neighbors with The Well Being and they really made it all come together.

A few weeks ago I asked Brendan (Kelly, Co-Owner of The Well Being), “is there a way to do this?” And he said “yes - let’s just work together to figure it out.” We owe them a huge debt of gratitude; it wouldn’t have come together without some major flexibility on their part.

Andrus also told us about the unique struggles those in the service industry have faced:

It’s no secret that restaurant workers have been on the receiving end of entirely too much unwarranted customer abuse these past 14 months. We’ve tried our best to provide a stable and safe environment, but the pandemic has presented challenges no one could have imagined. Stress has invaded every aspect of our lives, and it’s been a lot to carry.

But in a lot of ways, restaurant workers are just like everyone else. We have the same life stresses, family and hereditary issues, etc. as those in other jobs. But proper mental health care isn’t something you see much of in our industry, so we wanted to be a part of changing that.

For IPA fans waiting to get ahold of this new brew, Andrus tells us it should be available in about two weeks.

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