A new twist of details in a case involving a Muskegon police officer who was fired after KKK memorabilia had been found in his house from perspective home buyers.

According to WOOD, former Muskegon police officer Charles Chuck Anderson was recently fired when a couple was shopping for a home and discovered KKK memorabilia on one of the walls he was selling.

The Couple, Rob Mathis an African American and Reyna Mathis who is Hispanic discovered the memorabilia when touring an open house but told investigators they had no prior contact with Officer Anderson.

Well it turns out the couple did have prior contact with the officer for drunken domestic disputes.

Anderson had pulled over Rob Mathis for allegedly speeding in July of 2008. Mathis and his wife had refused to obey commands from the officer then Reyna Mathis punched Anderson in the eye then later spent 60 days in jail for assaulting an officer.

Muskegon Chief of police Jeffrey Lewis still fired Anderson after meeting with community leaders regarding the incident.

Here is a statement that came from the executive summary:

"The Social Justice leaders indicated that they (community) have lost faith, confidence and trust in Officer Anderson. Further, they were direct in stating that Officer Anderson's actions put the entire department in negative or unfavorable light with the community. If Anderson returns the city would go 'wild'. Also, Officer Anderson has received national attention through different sources of the media reflecting negatively on him, the police department as it relates to the KKK application and displays of memorabilia that is considered racist by a segment of the population."

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