The Wolverines and Buckeyes don't play until November 27th, 2021 but it looks like the trash-talking has already started. But this trash-talking isn't coming from a player on one team to another, instead, it's coming from the entire Michigan Marching Band.

On Saturday, October 23rd at Halftime of The Michigan vs. Northwestern game. The Michigan Marching band took to the field to perform their halftime routine and when it was over they had nearly 110,000 people cheering.

Barry Peters-FB
Barry Peters-FB

During the halftime performance, The Michigan Marching Band formed a stick figure on the right side of the field, and on the bottom left side formed 6 cups to play the drinking game Beer Pong.

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The performance started with the stick figure throwing a ball with the Ohio State logo on it to represent the Buckeyes. The shot looked good as it went across the field but ended up falling short of the cups.

One the next shot the stick figure is holding a ball with the University of Michigan logo on it representing the Wolverines. The stick figure moves its arm back and forth a few times to line up the important shot.

When the stick figure releases the ball across the field the shot looks great, but In a dramatic moment, the ball hits the top of the front cup and bounces twice before going in.

The Michigan Marching band ended up winning the game of beer pong vs Ohio State and the Michigan Wolverines went on to defeat Northwestern 35-7.

Barry Peters FB
Barry Peters FB

The Wolverines remain undefeated with a 7-0 record and now head to East Lansing to face The Spartans who are also undefeated with a 7-0 record.

The game is scheduled for Saturday, October 30th at 12pm ET.

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