A huge geomagnetic storm will cause the Northern Lights to be brilliant over the holiday weekend. Here's the best day to see them.

The Northern lights, or Aurora Borealis, is caused when the sun emits solar flares (or coronal mass ejections), without getting too technical, these flares can be seen in our atmosphere are seen along the northern horizon as green, pink or yellowish glows.

This weekend, the sun will be flaring it up big time, causing quite a show for us, and we could see the lights as far south as Grand Rapids.

The key is to get north away from the city lights, and hope the night is clear enough to allow for viewing.

Right now, it looks like Saturday night into Sunday will be cloudy, leaving Sunday night into Monday as the best viewing opportunity.

Go north, and get as rural as you can. And be careful, as the Aurora Hunters Facebook page is warning, the high water means beach viewing at night will be limited, and may cause some crowding. Be careful and be patient.

The Great Lakes Aurora page is also a good source for viewing information.


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