Over the 4th of July holiday, necks crane up. That's the natural inclination to see the fireworks shows that alight all across the nation. In Northern Michigan over the Independence Day holiday it wasn't the fireworks that launch from the ground that were the most awe inspiring. Rather it was something that came from space that gave the best show.

While hundreds saw it, it was Jeff Dixon, a visual artist based in Northern MIchigan who happened to be in the right place at the right time with camera rolling who captured the majesty of the earthbound breakup and descent.

The video was shared to Facebook as a Reel.

Though the event happened on the night of July 3, it's impossible to not correlate the spectacular show with 4th of July fireworks.

So what was the object entering Earth's atmosphere? It apparently was something man-made returning home. Dixon shared this as a comment to his video:

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Looks like it was a starlink satellite. One was scheduled to come down around that time and the orbit was over superior. Also did a little reading and the life span of the starlink satellites is 5-7 years which means we will be in for hundreds if not thousands more of these in the future. Keep your eyes open.

The object was seen over a wide swath of Northern Michigan. The video came from out over Lake Superior, but plenty of reports in northern Lower Michigan as well, like this one from Reddit,

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Did anyone see a large meteor last night around 11-1130? It was due north from my vantage point in Torch lake township, it came from the west towards the east and was a bright red streak that broke into hundreds of glittering red and gold streaks and then burnt up within 3-5 seconds. I would have thought it was a firework but it was way too high and fast. I was hoping someone snagged a photo of it, I was too slow!

If you happened to get the extra special fireworks show over the holiday, lucky you.

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