Getting a refill of gas in your car is generally a mundane experience. Perhaps you have a favorited filling station. But more than likely, you'll stop somewhere along the way when the tank starts to get low.

For some long time residents of Grand Rapids, there's nostalgia build around 4-Star Gas. The local chain once had several locations around Kent County. Now, save for a few faded and nearly forgotten signs, the chain is gone.

The topic came up recently on the If You Grew Up in Grand Rapids/Kent County, then you remember.... Facebook group.

While there were several 4 Stars in the area including locations on 28th Street, Stocking, Plainfield West River and Remembrance Road. The last location to close and sporting a sign that sill exists for the chain lives on along Chicago Drive in Wyoming. Located at the triangle where Godfrey meets Chicago, the 4 Star sign stands as a last remnant of a now shuttered gas station.

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Those who commented and shared memories, often recalled 4 Star having the best prices in town.

Always the cheapest as I recall.

Cheap gas back in the late 60s

My husband still has the 4 Star winter coat he had worn when he worked at the Clyde Park

There really wasn't a reason to get out of your car. They filled you up, checked oil and air, washed your windshield. All cash sales. Each gas jockey had a roll of different bills, and a change machine on his belt.

This was THE place to get the cheapest gas! I went to the one on Northland Drive often- about once a week in the 80’s.

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The 4 Star chain is now a part of history in Kent County. Aside from the sign along Chicago Drive, there's little left of the chain. The website WaterWinterWonderland has images of the 4 Star on Remembrance before it was demolished.

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