2020 was weird because of the pandemic.  Is 2021 going to be a weird year because we keep having wild birds show up in places where they should never be? I ask this because last week there was a hawk that somehow got into the Meijer store in Howell, Michigan.  Now it's a new week and a new story of a wild bird in a big box store.

A friend of mine, Shelia, posted a picture on Facebook Sunday evening of an owl sitting in the tool section of the Lowe's Home Improvement store in Niles, Michigan.  Apparently, the owl wasn't afraid of any of the shoppers that were around, because as Shelia snapped the picture, the owl was peacefully sleeping.

When I asked Shelia about the owl, she said that it was about 6 pm. and store employees were aware of him (or her) being in the store, but they were trying not to disturb the bird as they figured out what to do with it.

So I made a call to the Lowe's store to try to find out more answers, like how did it get in, what did you all do to get the owl out? Did you have to call someone?

The manager I talked to said that she and the other employees currently working weren't there, so they weren't really sure how the owl got into the store but said after the nap, the owl found its own way out of the store and is back in the wild - and is assumed to be doing just fine.

Next time I go shopping, I'm going to be looking all around for what could also be in the store.

**ps if you read the hawk story, you know I went into a majestic bird rant.  I forgot about owls altogether.  They should definitely be on my "majestic bird" list because the owl is the almost silent flier...

from Audobon.org,

When most birds fly, the air turbulence created by wing flapping produces sound, and, typically, the larger and faster a bird is, the noisier its flight. But not owls. Even large species like the Barn Owl or Great Horned Owl can fly virtually silently—a quality that has long fascinated scientists.

So my apologies to owls, because you're definitely in the top 5, possibly right below the Bald Eagle.... or maybe Bald Eagle, Falcon, Owl, Hawk.... and so on. Nevertheless, my bad for forgetting you.


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