Just days before Ted Nugent announced he tested positive for COVID-19, he performed in a supermarket in Florida.

I'm not sure if Nugent contracted the coronavirus at the supermarket in Florida or after but anyone who was at that performance better get tested.

According to MLive, this supermarket is well known for its anti-stance against wearing masks. Nugent performed a concert at the Oakes Farms Seed to Table Market on April 12.

This particular market almost never has anyone wearing a mask inside, even the employees.

Nugent didn't announce he had tested positive for COVID-19 until April 19. This was two weeks after he had been battling flu-like symptoms. If you do the math, he more than likely already had it before playing the unmasked event.

Nugent had a pretty rough go from COVID-19 but he avoided hospitalization and a ventilator which is good for the aging rocker.

Although, while Nugent was performing at the maskless supermarket, he did take the time to take a few shots at Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Nuge has been very vocal about condemning Whitmer's handling of the pandemic even though he is not longer a resident of the state.

The owner of Seed to Table says he knows masks do not work and doesn't believe the coronavirus has killed hundred of thousands of people in the United States. Nugent has shared similar beliefs on Facebook Live calling the death of 500,000 Americans B.S.

I'm not sure how Nugent feels about COVID-19 now after getting a taste of the virus. He said at one point he thought he was dying. Not sure he will admit he was wrong because most people who share his views only blame it on others and never except any responsibility for their own actions.

Nugent should pray to God he didn't pass the virus on to anyone and they die, could be a lawsuit in his future.

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