This is kind of a new thing for me, but on a trip to Chicago in March, I happened upon Three Dots & A Dash, which is a really cool tiki bar. You can order a drink that comes in a pirate ship!  I mean you need like 3 friends to drink it, but how cool!!

So between that bar and the Tonga Room in San Francisco which is a tiki bar where it rains each night and the band plays in a lagoon in the center of the place, I decided that I wanted to find and visit tiki bars wherever I travel.  Only the really talked about ones though; I’m not just going to a place called Tiki Pete’s and it just has umbrellas in the drink.  I’m looking to go to real, authentic tiki bars.  I want to make this a thing.

So it excited me to hear that Waldron House was going to become an authentic tiki bar later this year because its right here in town.

Now I’m also finding out we have one of Food Networks “Best Tiki Bars In America” from a story on ClickonDetroit.

According to ClickonDetroit, Food Network really digs the Mutiny Bar on the southwest side of the city.

So I checked it out on google and there a lot of great pics.  I’m ready to make a trip over to the other side of the state to check out the Mutiny Bar, and it’s not just because a lot of the drinks in picture involved fire.  The place also looks VERY island-y, so fiery drinks and feeling like you’re in paradise when you walk inside, um, let’s go!!

Why Food Network thought the Mutiny Bar is one the best in America, from ClickonDetroit,

"The Motor City’s only tiki bar, Mutiny Bar serves serious island vibes and a heavy dose of rum. The spot is a bring-your-own-food joint, which you’ll want in order to better soak up classics like the Painkiller made with rum, coconut, lime, orange and pineapple. Expect all the beloved tiki theatrics – kitschy mugs, flaming drinks and colorful twisty straws."


Seriously, I’m already sitting in the car waiting to go!

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