The Monday after Selection Sunday means it's time to start filling out your NCAA Tournament bracket so that you can earn the respect of your co-workers for the next year.

Whether you're playing for Warren Buffett's billion dollars or just having some fun against your friends, we're all striving for the glory that comes along with winning a bracket pool. There will be some huge moments over the next few weeks as we grip those paper brackets tight and pull hard for our picks to survive and advance.

Sure, you'll have to avoid the luck from the person picking by uniform color and mascot while also overcoming the know-it-all a few cubicles down, but that's the ultimate goal.

What if we could capture all of the highs and lows of our own office pool the same way they do on CBS' 'One Shining Moment' after the nets are cut down? That's what you'll see in this video. This unique take on March Madness takes you away from the court to spotlight all of the trash talk, celebrating, and soul-crushing defeats that come along with filling out a bracket.

Now, excuse us while we spend the rest of the day figuring out which 12-seed will upset a 5-seed.

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