The Friday after Thanksgiving (and now more and more Thanksgiving Day) is the traditional start of the Christmas shopping season.

And it's only 37 days away!

Are you ready?

Here's some fun facts about our biggest shopping day of the year -- and some deal predictions on the potential hottest gift ideas, according to

  • Online Thanksgiving sales will top the $1 billion mark.
  • There will be a 19.7 percent increase in online total sales on Black Friday in the U.S.
  • Boo for Apple because there will be "minimal to no real Apple store sales.

Among its deal predictions:

  • iPhone 6 for $99 with contract. Android phones for free or up to $50 with contract
  • Xbox One: $340 to $350 console and $400 for a bundle without Kinect; $370 to $380 for a console with Kinect; and $420 for a bundle
  • PS4 for $350 to $360 for console only and $400 for a bundle
  • 50-inch HDTV door busters for under $350; 42-inch TV door busters for under $200; and 32-inch TV door busters for under $100.

A 42-inch TV for 200 bucks? I'd probably stand in line in the cold for that!

Anna Bizoa/ThinkStock
Anna Bizoa/ThinkStock

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