A Hartford teen is in trouble because she bribed potential voters for Homecoming Queen with brownies. Sounds harmless, right?

Oh, did I mention? They had pot in them.

Hartford, Michigan is a bucolic little town snuggled between Kalamazoo and St. Joseph along the Paw Paw River.

A town where the a cheerleader running for Homecoming Queen would make brownies for everyone at school. You know, to help win them over. And it would have gone unnoticed, until people got high off the brownies.

That tipped off some parents, and now she's in a little bit of trouble for making the brownies with hash oil from marijuana. Yikes! That's not good!

The cops say the girl passed out 12 brownies, and they managed to confiscate three of them . . . which they sent to the state lab for testing.

Some of the edibles were even in the 'goodie bags' given to the football team by the cheerleader. (The team lost 34-6, but they were very chill about it.)

No charges have been filed yet, but the girl could be facing a FELONY for distributing the brownies in a drug-free zone.

Angel Avery, a parent of a Hartford student, asked WWMT News, “What if one of those would have gotten in the wrong hands?”

Well, they would have gotten high. It would have been weird for awhile, and then they would have fallen asleep after eating a boatload of Taco Bell food.

Also, it looks like they crowed a homecoming queen this past weekend, and we don't know if it was the pot brownies girl.  But since the school says she's out of town on a, quote, "family emergency," we're guessing it's not.

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