Just before addressing the virtual Democratic National Convention Monday, our Governor got caught on a hot mic.

Whitmer was live from the UAW Hall in Lansing, and while waiting to deliver her address before the DNC, she said, 'It's not just Shark Week," and then adding, "it's Shark Week..." and mouthed a word that rhymes with "brothertruckers", which was barely audible.

She then added, "I have learned about the hot mic," which drew a laugh from the audience. I'm not sure whether that meant she knew she was on and just found out, or if she was just aware that it could be on.

At any rate, Whitmer's address was given fairly positive reviews, including one from the New York Times which referred to Whitmer as "the dauntless ‘woman from Michigan,’ ...who thinks like a general, looks like a ’40s film star and talks like she’s ice fishing for muskie.”

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