UPDATE: WOOD-TV is reporting that the ad that ran was the one that Subaru of Muskegon WANTED to run...

Subaru of Muskegon has also spoken about the ad, saying that they ran it deliberately, but only because they ran out of time...

Ok, truth is, as much as many of us had hoped that the Eagles would win the Super Bowl, they were definitely the underdogs (never going to the Super Bowl and winning a championship back in the 60’s) to the Patriots.

Most of us Monday will say we never doubted that the Eagles could win, or that we knew this year was special for them, you know, something that shows we had their backs all along and that we picked the underdog to win… all of us except one local car dealer.

Just after the game-winning play, NBC went to commercial and a few local ads started airing, and then this one from Subaru Of Muskegon flashed on the screen and then stayed for an uncomfortable amount of time as it read:

Congratulations Patriots!

Yeah, you might have heard the collective moan from the dealership employees as they realized tomorrow, they can’t say they had faith in an Eagles Super Bowl win.
This is why I always just say “Go, team!”  Well, that and I’m not a sports person.

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