If you plug in the parts number 121G on the O'Reilly web site, oreillys.com, it will take you a page advertising a flux capacitor device, which was invented by Emmett Brown for the express intention of time traveling.

The page, which was put together by what was clearly a HUGE fan of the 'Back To The Future' trilogy clearly indicates you'll need to source your own Plutonium to get the Flux Capacitor to function. The catalog page then admits "Plutonium not available at O'Reilly's. Please contact your local supplier.

Everything else from the movies is there from the 1.21 Gigawatts needed to power the device, to the 88 mph speed needed to achieve time travel. The device is even manufactured by EB Enterprises a clear nod to the Brown character played by Christopher Lloyd.

Unfortunately the legal disclaimer 'not available for purchase' prevents us from finding out what a flux capacitor actually costs.

Good luck! And if it doesn't work, maybe Uncle Rico from 'Napoleon Dynamite' will let you borrow his time machine.

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