It’s been an incredibly difficult time for the community of Oxford over the past few weeks. 

Shooting At Oxford High School In Michigan Leaves 4 Students Dead
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On December 1st, a 15-year-old sophomore at Oxford High School brought a gun to school and opened fire, killing four students (Justin Schilling, Tate Myre, Hana St. Julian, and Madisyn Baldwin) and injuring seven others, along with a teacher at the school.

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As the community of Oxford has been dealing with this tragic event, they have shown great resilience by coming together by showing love and support for each other as they heal. This past Friday we got to witness something heartwarming and uplifting as Oxford High School student Kylie Ossege got a big surprise outside of her hospital window. 

From her hospital bed, Kylie was able to look out her window and see the Oxford High School athletic training staff, her tennis teammates waving tennis rackets, and friends holding signs of support.

Kylie was on speakerphone with her tennis coach as this was happening, and her first words were “Oh my gosh.” Coach Bailey is heard telling Kylie how much she is loved and that everyone is hoping she’s feeling good. Kylie said she was feeling pretty good.

According to Fox 2, Kylie was shot in the chest and both shoulders and had surgery the day before to treat those injuries. Kylie’s mom posted on her GoFundMe page that movement in her arms and legs is still hampered because of the damage done.

If you would like to donate to Kylie’s GoFundMe you can click here.

Heartbreaking Scenes from Oxford High School Michigan Shooting

Gallery Credit: getty images

Heartbreaking Scenes from Oxford High School Michigan Shooting

Gallery Credit: getty images

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