At 35 years and counting, Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo boast one of rock's longest creative and domestic partnerships — and in a recently taped segment for The Big Interview With Dan Rather, they look back on how it all began.

As the clip opens, Giraldo remembers getting the phone call that invited him to audition for Benatar, who was building a band for her debut LP, In the Heat of the Night. Though they'd go on to sell millions of albums together, their initial meeting got off to a bumpy start.

"I received a call, and they said, 'There's this person that just got signed to a record deal, and they're looking for a partner. This person's looking for a partnership,'" recalls Giraldo in the portion of the interview that you can watch above. "I said, 'Well, maybe I've heard of him. What's his name?' They go, 'It's not a him, it's a her.' I go, 'Oh my God, it's a her? How is this gonna work out?' You know, I love women. This is gonna be tough, difficult."

"You have to understand," adds Benatar. "Now, I have a record deal, and I'm, like, a little cocky. He's playing with Rick Derringer, but he doesn't have a record deal. So he's coming down, and I'm gonna meet him, and I'm in the room. They say, 'Neil Giraldo's here,' and I have my back to the door, because I'm talking, and I go, 'Just tell him to hang on and I'll be right there. Like a brat," she laughs.

"I hear him say he didn't bring a guitar, and I'm thinking, 'Oh my God,'" says Benatar. "What an ass. He comes here, he's, like, coming for a meeting. Doesn't he think I want to hear him play? He doesn't even bring his axe? So I turn around ready to just [glare at] him, and then I see him, and I'm just, like, [sharp intake of breath]."

You can hear more of Benatar and Giraldo's story in the clip above, and tune in to watch the complete episode on July 21 at 8PM ET on The Big Interview With Dan Rather. Check your local cable listings.

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