Not all Penn State fans handled the loss to USC well.

Look at this dude go off the deep end after the Nittany Lions fell to the Trojans in the Rose Bowl. And he went off the deep end right into a Christmas tree because when you're upset your team lost, the best way to emote is to crash into a Christmas tree. Yeah, they've done studies on this at the Research for Moronic Football Fan Behavior.

Despite his (NSFW for language) yuletide meltdown, a YouTuibe commenter may have actually pointed out the most remarkable thing about this clip, writing, "The craziest part of the video was how it was the 4th quarter and all of that food was still barely touched on the table."

Hmm, maybe the fan simply had low-blood sugar and this whole thing could've been avoided if he ate some more. Of course, why was there so much food on the table in the first place? Was he not nearly as hungry as he thought? Was he expecting a big crowd that didn't turn out? Did his guests leave because their party was being interrupted by a buffoon with a proclivity for flying into Christmas trees?

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