This is a great story and a great reminder.

I came across a post by Bruce Steffke in the We Are Westsiders Facebook group about an act of compassion he witnessed to at the Meijer gas station on Kalamazoo Ave, just south of 28th Street.

It happened just after noon on Monday, Bruce was at the Meijer station when he noticed a walker next to the back of a GRPD vehicle.  When he went inside, he overheard the officer, who was inside buying juice and some food, tell he cashier he was buying it for an elderly lady in the back of his vehicle.  He had noticed that she seems overheated and thirsty, so he was trying to help get her cooled off.

Bruce goes on to say he wasn’t sure if the officer gave her a ride home, but was sure he did. I'm sure he did make sure she got home safe, you can already tell from the earlier in the story, the officer has a big heart!

This is a great reminder, while it’s awesome seeing police officers helping out, it’s not just their job, it’s all of our jobs, to stop and ask if you can help when you see someone who looks as though they need it.

Thanks, Bruce and the GRPD officer who stopped to help, for reminding us what it means to be human!

As Bruce says in the end of his post:


Bruce Steffke/Facebook
Bruce Steffke/Facebook

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