Well, the coronavirus is helping put the nail in the coffin for one of my favorite stores, Pier One as company officials announced they’ll be closing all their locations.

According to Fox 17, Pier One’s CEO said they’ve been struggling for the last few years, and back in February had actually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but then when the pandemic hit, that just compounded the problems to where they don’t see a clear path to re-emerging from their problems.  Their big plan was to try to find another retailer that would buy the existing business and figure out how to make it profitable again.  That isn’t going to happen, now that even the stores that were healthy “pre-coronavirus” are even struggling.

The plan is for the retailer to open as many of the nearly 600 stores they own, so they can safely start the liquidation process of their inventory. This will happen over the next two months, as Fox 17 reports.

Pier One has 21 locations in Michigan as of now.  It’s unclear which of the stores in our state will re-open for liquidation sales and when they’ll be able to open.  I’m not even sure if the one in Marquette will open this weekend when the rest of the U.P. is allowed to open.

It’s so crazy to think that Pier One at one time was all over the world, and that’s how as a young adult, you knew you were growing up; when you made your first trip to Pier One because they had the fancier home décor, that meant you weren’t just in college or on your first apartment.  This was the apartment you got because you now had a job that paid something. Now, you just go online to someone’s Etsy shop and get the same thing delivered, usually cheaper.

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