Police are on the lookout for a Michigan man who has been pooping in unlocked vehicles in Warren over the last few months.

The first incident happened in November at Mr. Friendly Auto Service when some employees discovered poop inside of a van that they were storing in their lot before they had a chance to work on it.  The man, now known as the serial pooper, hits auto shops and garages and looks for unlocked cars to poop in.

The second incident occurred in January at a tire shop when the serial pooper found a car that was unlocked due to an electrical problem.  Those are the only two times he struck, but he has been seen two other times lurking around cars looking for unlocked doors.

He has been caught on camera a couple of times but no one has been able to identify him yet.  And one of the times he was on camera, he was seen throwing away sanitary wipes in a dumpster after dropping one in an unlocked car.  So, he cares enough to properly dispose of his sanitary wipes but at the same time enjoys pooping in other people's cars?  What the heck is that all about?

The serial pooper had a very interesting story done during the evening news on Fox 2 Detroit that you can watch below.

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