The chicken sandwich wars hit Grand Rapids this weekend, when the new Popeyes chicken sandwich sold out at several West Michigan locations, causing traffic back ups in one location.

When Popeyes announced they were rolling out a new chicken sandwich last week, few could predict the havoc that it would cause.

The new sandwich, said to rival Chick-Fil-A's in terms of quality, caused quite a stir in West Michigan, selling out at most locations, and even causing a traffic snarl.

FOX-17 reported that back ups at the drive thru location on Division Street near Burton caused traffic back ups, as patrons waited in line for their chance at a sandwich.

"The line is usually wrapped all around the corner on to Burton Street and every time I come here I’m waiting 40 minutes for the chicken sandwiches people are ordering," Uber Eats Driver Len Austin told FOX-17.

Yeah, and don't think ordering a delivery through one of several apps can get you one faster, they have to wait in the same lines.

All West Michigan locations say they should be restocked for the sandwich as of today.

As for me, I can wait until the lines die down to try it. It's just a sandwich, after all. Calm down.


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