College track coach James Frank will run 26.2 miles a day until he gets across the state of Michigan.

James' brother, Jerry, suffers from ALS, so James is running across the state of Michigan, from Muskegon to Port Huron, to raise funds for the Susan Mast ALS Foundation. James Frank is the track coach at Cleary Uinversity.

Frank will cover over 230 miles by running the length of one marathon a day. He will divvy that up into two ten mile runs, and one 10k (6.2) run.

He's been powering his run by scarfing power bars and peanut butter.

James passed through Walker on his way across Michigan Tuesday morning.

The 58 year old told our news partner, FOX 17, “The incredible thing is, (Jerry's) spirit is way stronger than mine. I got the easy part. Running this stuff, piece of cake. Minor inconveniences, snow and ice, wind, that’s nothing. Dealing with ALS every day, that’s a tough thing to do.”

On Friday, November 15th at 11:00 am he will be meeting with House Representatives in Lansing to raise ALS awareness and discuss the major concern about Michigan being the top state in the country for ALS diagnosis.

The Susan Mast Foundation helps people with the disease obtain mechanized wheelchairs and other aids that help them cope.

You can make a donation to James run here.


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