Michigan was once home to two neighboring villages of Port Lawrence and Vistula. Today those villages are lost to us.

Not that they're gone, vanished like a modern Atlantis or Roanoke Colony (although Michigan does has its own Atlantis mystery). Rather, those two villages that were once part of Michigan Territory were lost to Ohio when Congress in ending the Toledo War decided to give the Toledo Strip to the Buckeye State. The villages of Port Lawrence and Vistula, Michigan merged to become Toledo.

This 1834 map, part of the collection of the Toledo Lucas County Library shows the neighboring villages. Vistula and Port Lawrence were both located along the north shore of the Maumee River with Vistula being slightly north and east of Port Lawrence.

port lawrence and vistula map
Toledo and Lucas County Library

All the streets on the maps above are part of modern-day Toledo including the streets named after the Great Lakes, a common naming convention. The old villages also live on in the name of the Vistula Historic District and the Vistula Heritage Village apartment complexes.

So should you ever find yourself in downtown Toledo, know that you're treading on historic Michigan streets that we lost in exchange for the Upper Peninsula.

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