The Memorial Day weekend always ushers in the unofficial start of summer.  A time when we finally break out of our routines and go do something... like take a trip to Cedar Point and say, "what up summer... and motion sickness."

So it was extremely unfortunate when a vehicle knocked down a power pole in Sandusky Ohio, killing the power to parts of Cedar Point, including Windseeker, Sky Ride, Millennium Force, and Rougarou, according to MLive.

The power outage happened around 1:45 pm Monday afternoon.  Riders on all the rides affected safely came to a stop, but it wasn’t until 2:23 pm that Cedar Point tweeted out that they had a power outage, and then not until around 3:50 pm that power came back on MLive reports.

MLive also reports that riders were stuck on the stalled rides including one tweet that shows the rollercoaster Millennium Falcon stuck halfway up a huge climb. Yes, that’s right, they poor people were stuck on rides out in the sun and 90+-degree heat for 2 hours.

Employees did check on the stranded passengers but still, a giant NO THANK YOU for me wanting to ride a rollercoaster now.  Even though I know that someone hitting a power pole was a random accident… it’s now a “Final Destination” type moment that I’ll remember if I go to an amusement park.

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